An easy-to-use, multi-media teaching tool to educate school staff on helping students access health services.
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Tools for an SHS Referral System

These samples tools have been developed by LEAs to implement a school-based SHS referral system. Tools include flyers and posters used to market SHS to students and staff, referral counting logs, documents and webinars developed to support professional development for staff making SHS referrals, and referral guides.
These resources can be used to inform your work as you continue to develop an SHS referral system in your district.

Lessons Learned


School and district policies for condom availability programs (CAP)

Icon Boston CAPBoston - CAP Policy


Procedures for Referral making

Referral Guide

Communications & Marketing

Monitoring & Evaluation

Logs for counting numbers of SHS referrals made by designated SHS staff

Icon Boston Referral TrackingBoston - SHS Referral Tracking Form

Icon SD Referral LogSan Diego- SHS Referral Log